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City Line Landscaping

Along with building new transit stations, City Line will also change the streetscape along the route where sections of roadway, crosswalks and ADA ramps are improved. STA, in accordance with city code, has created a landscape plan to help integrate new construction and its surrounding environment. Tree removal and replacement is one part of that plan that addresses how the project will maintain Spokane’s tree canopy as a valued public resource.

Working Together

The City Line project team is working closely with the City of Spokane to ensure trees near construction sites are protected for the duration of process. This protection includes aerating root zones, mulching, individualized watering schedules and/or correcting poor drainage. Select trees will also be pruned for public safety and the health of the tree as determined by the City of Spokane. Trees located in the improvement areas will be removed and replaced. Most replacement trees will be in the vicinity of their removal, where other replacement locations will be determined by the city arborist.

Expert Consultation

Experts in the field have consulted with STA on landscaping plans including the planting of nearly 20,000 trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and other perennials expected to enhance the aesthetic of the streetscape while adding to a diverse urban ecosystem along the route. Plans also call for drainage swales to catch and treat most of the storm water from the new stations.

By The Numbers

Total number of trees within the construction zone: 215
Trees to be protected: 153
Trees to be pruned: 32
Trees to receive root treatments: 30
Trees to be removed: 63
Trees to be planted as part of the project: 45
Trees to be planted by the City of Spokane funded by STA: 18

Shrubs to be planted: 700
Perennials: 253
Ornamental Grasses: 3,726
Bulbs: 70
Ground Cover: 13,163
Seed/Sod: Disturbed areas not planted


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